Monday, 16 June 2014

Chapter One

'Joey? It's me Lu,' Lucy called down the phone.

'Hey, what's up?' Joey asked. He was a bit puzzled at Lucy calling him at three in the morning. Especially after their argument a few days ago.

'Joey I have something to tell you,' Lucy said. 'I don't know how to say this.'

'What?' Joey asked impatiently. What on earth was Lucy going on about?

'It's your mum,' Lucy told him. Joey groaned.

'Don't tell me she's trying to make you eat meat again?' he said.

Joey's mum had gone to stay with Lucy's family for a little bit and she seemed determined to get Lucy eating meat.

Lucy wanted to be a vet and hated eating anything with any meat in it so she had become a vegetarian.

'It's more important than that,' Lucy cried. 'How can I get this into your thick head that this is important?'

Joey sat up, something in Lucy's voice told him that she was trying to say something that wasn't very easy to say.

'What's up Lu?' he asked.

'I have been trying to say that your mum is engaged,' Lucy finally got out. She hated having to tell Joey this.

'What?' Joey said, 'what do you mean, engaged?'

'She is going to get married,' Lucy told him. She could hear the disbelief in Joey's voice.

'Something must be wrong,' Joey cried. 'She wouldn't marry another man, would she?'

Two years ago Joey's mum and dad had gotten divorced. Since then Joey had been living with his dad and hadn't seen his mum. Lucy was his only way of knowing if she was ok as she had stopped talking to him and his dad after the divorce.

Lucy's mum was a good friend of Joey's mum. She had helped her out after the divorce and Joey's mum was in great debt to her.

'Who?' Joey asked at last.

'He's a rich business man named Leo Peterson,' Lucy replied.

'Have you met him?' Joey asked, his voice sounded very small. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

'Your mum brought him around today,' Lucy said. She didn't know what to say.

Taking a deep breath, Joey asked, 'What's he like?'.

'He's tall,' Lucy told him, picking her words carefully, 'he has a very expensive car-' Joey cut in.

'For goodness sake, what is he like?" he yelled.

'Rich! He has the latest of everything,' Lucy said, seeing no point in making Mr Peterson out to be better than he was, 'he make terrible jokes and expects you to laugh at all of them. He has a mansion on some island I have never heard of and he doesn't do a single announce of work as far as I can tell,' Lucy finished.

'Oh no,' Joey groaned. 'He sounds horrid.'

Lucy was silent. She wished that Joey's mum had rung Joey herself, but she had told Lucy too instead.

'At least I won't have to meet him,' Joey said, trying to think of something good.

'I'm afraid you will,' Lucy told him. She bit her lip. 'Your mum says you're to come to stay.'

'I don't want to,' Joey said. 'I live with Dad. She left...' he trailed off.

'She has said you're to come home for the holidays,' Lucy replied. 'She doesn't sound to interested in having you over, really though.'

Joey's mother never thought of anything other than herself. She had never really wanted a son.

Joey groaned. 'It will be a trip where I have to go and then I will be ignored the whole time,' he put his head in his hands.

Lucy had a feeling he wouldn't be able to stand it. Things had been very hard for Joey since the divorce.

'At least you will be able to see me again,' she said.

After the divorce, Joey and his dad had moved away and the only way Joey and Lucy could contact was through phone calls.

'I guess that's one thing,' Joey replied heavily.

I hope you like this first chapter of my novel! It is rather short, sorry. I hope to post more soon:)


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